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Kids & Adults Agree Treatment Plant Tours are a Big Hit

"Wow... I never thought I would actually like this place!"
"I'm going to tell my parents how awesome it was!"
"It was cool!"

Those are typical reactions from kids who take guided tours of the Ojai Valley Sanitary District Wastewater Treatment Plant. The tours are also a hit with adults, who find them interesting and informative.

The hour-and-a-half educational experience offers an inside look at the roles the Treatment Plant plays in protecting human health and the environment.

"I enjoy seeing the excitement and genuine interest the kids and adults have in learning how wastewater is treated," says Bradshaw Pruitt, Treatment Plant Supervisor, who frequently conducts tours. "I also enjoy the opportunity to explain the many things we do to ensure good water quality prior to putting the water back into the environment."

Pruitt says he has received positive feedback from teachers who bring their students for tours.

One such educator is Ryan Lang, the sixth grade earth science and math teacher at Ojai Valley School, who is currently in his fourth year of accompanying his students on field trips to the Plant.

"The Plant tour is a 10 out of 10 as an educational experience," says Lang. "Bradshaw is great with the students and really thorough. One of the greatest discovery moments for the kids is learning that all our wastewater heads to the Plant, that it's such a very clean and well-run machine. The fact that microorganisms are responsible for transforming wastewater back into a reusable resource is by far the most amazing thing for these kids to see."

Tours are offered throughout the year for various adult groups and for students from third grade on up to Ventura Community College environmental studies classes. Guides adapt the way they explain the treatment process to the age level of the group. The maximum number per tour group is 25 persons, but more than one group can be accommodated at the same time.

To arrange a tour, please call the Ojai Valley Sanitary District main number, 646-5548, and ask for Bradshaw Pruitt.