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Biosolids Program

Rich, natural compost is now available to the public free of charge.

In nature, microorganisms degrade organic matter in the soil. We use the same process and microorganisms to break down the biological solids that result from our wastewater treatment processes to produce a safe, clean useful soil amendment.

The treatment

Wastewater collected in our sewer system flows to the treatment plant where it is treated. Microorganisms in our treatment processes consume the waste, producing new bacterial cells as a result. These microorganisms are squeezed out of the water and become biosolids.

These biosolids are mixed with livestock bedding material and composted at our treatment plant. Composting is a biological process that reduces the volume of material, eliminating pathogenic microorganisms, and producing a beneficial soil amendment.

Biosolid benefits

Using composted biosolids as a soil amendment adds bulk to marginal soil, improves water retention, and reduces erosion. Compost also has nutritive value and will reduce the need for fertilizers.

Our composting operation is regulated by County, State and Federal agencies and it is inspected by Ventura County Environmental Health. Our compost is tested for pathogenic organisms and heavy metals and meets USEPA criteria for a Class A product for unrestricted use and poses no health hazards.

Composted biosolids are available to the public free of charge, giving local residents the opportunity to join recycling efforts and receive benefits in return for their service dollars.

Pick up a bag, or a truckload, of
this highly beneficial soil amendment.
Call (805) 646-5548 between the
hours of 8:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.
to ensure availability.