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Sewage collection


The Ojai Valley Sanitary District participates in activities other than its primary jobs of collecting and treating wastewater. As a good neighbor, we want to help our customers understand how water is recycled and how byproducts are beneficially used. In addition, we want to help those with sewage collection problems.

Treatment Plant Tours
Treatment plant visits by students and other groups for a learning experience and the dissemination of educational materials, including videos of collection system and treatment plant operators.

Working to Make Health Improving Changes
Working with property owners and communities to make health-improving changes, including technical improvements and the expanding of sewer service through extension of areas covered to eliminate septic system use and its environmental impacts.

Inspection of Laterals during Installation
Inspection of laterals (the pipes from a building to the street) during their initial installation, to be sure the work and materials meet specification.

Checking Sewer Stoppages
Checking sewer stoppages to determine if the problem is in privately-owned pipes or in District-owned pipes, and giving advice regarding repair or the private problems.

Cooperation with University Research
Cooperation with university research teams to promote development of improved treatment processes.

Providing Good Quality Compost
Providing good quality compost to the public during those dry months when one of the plant's byproducts (biosolids) can be dried enough the make composting possible. This is a give-away provided by the District to recycle a useful material.

Speaking to Community Groups
Speaking to community groups to foster understanding of the District's owned pipes, and give advice regarding repair of the private problems.