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The District returns water to the river that is safe for the environment and recreation.

Guardian of the River

Working to restore an endangered river.

For hundreds of years people have been living along the Ventura River, using it as a source of clean water and food. Historical records tell about the abundance of steelhead trout and salmon that once populated the river. Over time, however, people changed the river by damming tributaries and allowing pollutants to impact the river. Today the fish have largely abandoned the river for other habitats. One native species, the steelhead trout, is on the endangered species list.

The Ojai Valley Sanitary District has a unique commitment to the health of the river. Throughout its history, the District has made major upgrades to reduce the use of harmful chemicals in the treatment process. Today the District returns water to the river that is safe for the environment and recreation.

What we are doing

Along with maintaining superior water quality at the plant, the District’s hi-tech video inspection program discovers possible problems. Lines are cleaned with high-pressure cleaning equipment, and repaired through many methods including Trenchless Technology.

The District is also committed to providing adequate passage for migrating fish. Whenever repairs or improvements require maintenance personnel to go into the river bottom, special care is taken to preserve vegetation, prevent silt from entering the river and to avoid blocking passage for the fish. Routine maintenance and upgrades are scheduled at times that would be least disruptive to the fish or its habitat.

What you can do

As an important partner in the wastewater treatment cycle, there are a number of things you can do to help preserve the valuable Ventura River habitat.

Don’t dump

Solvents, water softener salt and insecticides cannot be processed out of the wastewater. Take care to dispose of these substances properly at a hazardous waste collection center. Consider upgrading existing rock salt water softeners to closed canister models.

Report problems

Don’t wait if you suspect a sewage blockage or leak. Notify the Ojai Valley Sanitary District immediately. Prompt action can prevent surface and groundwater contamination. Call 646-5548 day or night regarding sewage spills or leaks.

Use biosolids

Biosolids are a highly beneficial soil amendment, rich in nitrogen and phosphorus. This compost is a natural byproduct of the wastewater treatment process. Biosolids meet strict regulatory requirements for safety. Using biosolids in your landscaping can reduce the potential for contamination from fertilizers